Plan Your Perfect Trip to Apple Hill

Last week was my first time going to Apple Hill! And if you were like me before I had gone, you’re envisioning one big hillside with apple trees and a pumpkin patch and vendors selling apple pies and caramel apples and apple donuts and all things APPLE.  Close, but not quite… Apple Hill actually has… Continue reading Plan Your Perfect Trip to Apple Hill

Another Fishy Lake, A Not so Long Lake, and An Unexpected Waterfall

Lakes Basin Campground is an awesome campground in a great location.  We stayed at site 15 and to my surprise, it was right next to a trailhead! Unfortunately I was planning on finding hikes in the area once we got to our destination only to find I had no service… So I had no idea… Continue reading Another Fishy Lake, A Not so Long Lake, and An Unexpected Waterfall

The End of Summer

Colin and I had planned on going to San Diego this year (cancelled twice). Evidently that just wasn’t in the cards for us so we planned a last minute camping trip before I had to go back to school (I'm already stressed). I knew it was important to stay close to home so after doing… Continue reading The End of Summer