Reno/Sparks Local Business Christmas Shopping Stops

I’m sure you all have heard by now how important it is to shop local this year. It’s no surprise, this year has been hard for everyone especially small businesses. So I put together this small list of my favorite shops to help you do all your Christmas shopping while supporting local! 

~For your cute hipster gal pal or your teenage cousin who is way cooler than you~ 

  • Bad Apple Vntg

I cannot express enough how much I love this place. The owner, Francesca, is always so welcoming and kind and we love to support a local girl boss. Her shop is super funky and filled with cool finds. From a vintage jean jacket to an original Nintendo DS lite to a Whitney Houston votive candle, you can find a perfect, unique gift. You can shop in store but also check out the online catalog for delivery or curbside pickup! 

Bad Apple Vintage -1001 S Virginia St @badapplevntg on instagram 🙂
  • Prude and Boujee

Right next door to Bad Apple, the holy grail of skincare. Think of any skincare product and add some ~spice~. This store has anything and everything you could think of; face masks, lip masks, eye masks, oils, gels, moisturizers, even a bro mask (my boyfriend suggests doing facemasks more than I do and I know he can’t be the only guy that does this). 

~For your dreamer, book loving, possibly a struggling writer, anxiety driven friend~ (I accidently just described myself…)

  • GrassRoots Books 

I don’t think I have ever been gifted a book and didn’t absolutely love and appreciate it. So many wonderful books can be found in this little store; both old and new. Also gives you the opportunity to write a thoughtful inscription on the inside that they can hold on to forever. 

  • Local coffee shop merch/gift card 

What goes better with reading a book than a cup of coffee or tea? You should know they’re favorite local coffee shop whether it’s CoffeeBar or Lighthouse you can pick up a gift card or a cute coffee mug with their logo. Perfect pair. 

~For your aunt who works way too hard and deserves all the spa nights with a glass (bottle) of wine~ 

  • Dragonfly Bath & Body 

I will not lie, I went here last week and spent a significant amount of money all on things for myself… I will go back though with no selfish intent. All of the products here are AMAZING, all natural, smells incredible, my DRY hands from washing my hands 24/7 have never been softer. Really anyone you know can benefit from a gift here. Also you can tell the owners care about their customers and their products. They were so helpful and let me test things out (safely), you can also make your own scent! They had me sold. 

Dragonfly Bath & Body- 728 S Virginia St @dragonflybathandbody on instagram (this is their create your own signature scent section)

~For your boyfriend’s mom~… YOU NEED TO IMPRESS

  • The Niche 

This boutique in the Legends Outlet is filled with cute sweaters, blouses, accessories, and home decor. So many sweet knick knacks and Christmas decor. Also I feel like in comparison to other boutiques they are super affordable and have great deals! 

I hope you find the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas! Please let me know what your favorite local spot is. Hope you all have a great holiday season!

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