Plan Your Perfect Trip to Apple Hill

Last week was my first time going to Apple Hill! And if you were like me before I had gone, you’re envisioning one big hillside with apple trees and a pumpkin patch and vendors selling apple pies and caramel apples and apple donuts and all things APPLE. 

Close, but not quite…

Apple Hill actually has several farms each with their own signature attractions (and apples of course). When you put Apple Hill in Google Maps, a single location will pop up and it will direct you precisely to one of the farms, Boa Vista. 

So this is where Colin and I started which I think is a great place for anyone to start. There was a giant open market with so many fresh fruits and vegetables along with other typical farmers market goodies like jams, honey, bread, etc. 

We walked through, scoping out all the treats and then crossed the street to the pumpkin patch. This wasn’t the biggest pumpkin patch I had ever seen but it was very cute. We instantly found perfect pumpkins for carving and they were reasonably priced! 

Starting to feel like fall!

Then we got a few drinks… I got a hard apple cider and Colin got an apple beer. Let me tell you, this was the BEST hard cider I have ever had! It was so crisp and refreshing! There were also other flavors like pomegranate which I will have to try next time. 

After enjoying our drinks, we walked around the market area and grabbed a couple jams, fresh garlic sourdough bread, and a jar of spicy garlic pickles (we like garlic okayyy). They also had apple pies you could take home! And a bakery to get fresh apple donuts and other treats but the line was a little long so we just decided to head somewhere else to grab lunch. 

The next place we went to was Jack Russel Farm. I highly recommend this place if you are over the age of 21! This farm had a tap room (perfect for Colin) and a wine and mead CAVE (perfect for me) and they had a little food truck with a delicious pork sandwich! The tap room is very nice, you could get a flight to sample different beers if you like! There was a lot to choose from. 

Jack Russel Farm Brewery

I thought the cave was so cool! I went with a red blend because I wanted to feel fancy. (Also, I binge watched Emily in Paris that day before so this influenced my decision a little)

Desiree in … a Cave

The scenery here was beautiful and plenty of open seating. We enjoyed our drinks and our lunch. If you go here, you have to get the pork sandwich. I was expecting a bbq sandwich but this was a wonderful surprise. 

After here we went to High Hill Farm. This was a great way to end our day. This was the biggest of the farms. There were plenty of vendors to check out, another market area, and a fishing pond! 

Colin and I grabbed a few famous Cider Shakes! Soo good!!! The shakes also come with a donut. I chose the cinnamon sugar and Colin got the glaze and then we argued for five minutes over who had the better donut. So we need you guys to decide, please try both AND the shake of course and get back to me.


Just look at this picture, I know you want one.

We sat at a bench near the pond and watched the kids fish. It was really fun and a perfect way to end the day before driving home. 

I hope you check out these parts of Apple Hill and also do your own exploring because there really are so many places to see here! Thanks for reading and let me know if you plan on making a trip! Hope you all have an amazing week.

Happy Fall!!

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