Cheers to Good Wine and Good Company

Before the pandemic, I was working at We Olive and Wine Bar. I loved that job. It was the cutest hidden gem. That job taught me a lot. I learned so much about wine; the different kinds, the lingo, tasting terms, pairings, and most importantly that wine is best enjoyed with good company. 

Even on my days off, I would go into We Olive and enjoy the wine and atmosphere. I even hosted my Aunt’s birthday party there because it was a perfect venue. Unfortunately, they closed down last month.

I needed to find a wine bar that could give me that same feeling of comfort and familiarity. I found it, Engine 8 Urban Winery.  

I love everything about this winery. Engine 8 Urban Winery is located at 1260 Avenue of the Oaks, Ste. 150, in the heart of Victorian Square downtown Sparks. It is right next to the Galaxy theater. I haven’t been in that area of town in a while, and let me tell you, as someone who would play in the old fountains in front of the movie theater as a kid, it is hard to recognize. You must check it out for yourself!

The winery has a wonderful small-town feel. It also has a lovely outdoor patio that they just remodeled. It is also perfect due to safety and social distancing practices. They even have live music on occasion, a great way to enjoy a glass of wine.

The menu is not overwhelming. They have whites, reds, fruit wines, and port. They also offer flights so you can try out three to five different kinds and learn what you like. This is what I did, I tried the Riesling, Zinfandel, Peach Sunrise, and Moscato. The Peach Sunrise was my personal favorite. 

Four Flight- $10

My boyfriend and his brother are not big wine drinkers. Wendi, our server and co-owner, was very helpful in recommending something they would like. She said that the Blackberry Merlot turns the non-wine drinkers to wine drinkers. And that is perfect for those new and old to wine. It is amazing, the boys loved it. 


The glasses have the Engine 8 Urban Winery logo which was hand designed by Wendi herself. She and her husband, Mike, established the winery in 2018, They both grew up in Reno/Sparks. They are incredibly nice. It’s nice to know the people behind the business and the history and the story. I love supporting true locals.

Locally owned and operated by Mike and Wendy Rawson

The place also offers food. You can’t beat pizza and wine. You just can’t.

I know that wine can be intimidating to some people. Here is a short, quick article on wine lingo demystified so now you can talk like a wine connoisseur!

This is a hidden gem in my book. I can’t wait to go back. Go out for a girl’s night or bring your family, or your boyfriend who doesn’t really like wine… Either way, the best wines are the ones enjoyed with family and friends! If you check this place out, please leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

1 thought on “Cheers to Good Wine and Good Company”

  1. The Peach is my favorite too! They are making a lavender as well. I can’t wait to give it a try! Last time I was there I brought home a couple bottles that quickly disappeared. Also, I know your mom doesn’t drink much but I can see her dancing to the local music and having a great time.


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