Ramen is my absolute favorite food. There’s just something about a nice warm bowl of noodles and a soft boiled egg that give me the comfort of my mom’s cooking.

I have taken so many people to this restaurant as an excuse to not order take out from them for the sixth week straight. This past week I took my good friend Samantha and I may or may not have taken my boyfriend’s family two days later…

This place is just too good! Their curbside pickup saved me during the quarantine. 

Haru is located at 5210 Longley Ln #500, Reno, NV 89511. It has the cutest store front tucked away in the Longley Town Center. 

The best ramen place in town

The Haru owner and staff have gone above and beyond on the safety precautions for their guests. All of the tables are separated by dividers, more than six feet apart. They offer you a paper bag to store your mask while you enjoy the delicious ramen, along with hand sanitizer for your table. Little things to show they care.

Showing they care and a sneak peek at the menu

This is a local restaurant. The staff are always so friendly. Every time I go, I have been welcomed by Isabella, the nicest hostess/server. The guys in the kitchen are also always quick to welcome and thank you for your business. You can tell that they care about their guests. 

I think this is the best ramen in Reno! I always get the Kuro Ramen with a level 2 of spicy. I would also recommend the Tonkotsu Shoyu. I won’t lie I had a hard time reading the menu the first time I went, so I got lucky on my choice. They also offer rice bowls, small plates, sides, and a wide range of drinks. 

top left: miso ramen, top and bottom right: kuro ramen, bottom left: tonkotsu shoyu

The ramen has so much flavor, the pork belly is tender, and the egg is perfectly cooked.

They now offer online ordering for curbside pickup. But if you want to enjoy dine in, you should call ahead of time and make a reservation. Please leave a comment if you go try out Haru. Go support locals! 

2 thoughts on “Ha-who?”

  1. I just tried haru this evening because of your recommendation! I have to say, their ramen and service was phenomenal:) I even decided to try some beers! Great hidden gem and I recommend it to any Ramen lovers!


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